Interested in volunteering?

Being a non-profit, volunteers are an integral part of our team and help to keep Potter's House up and running well. Please read the following information and fill out the form below. Email Shaun at with any questions you have.

The Potter’s House is a non-profit coffeehouse ministry that exists to“introduce students to Jesus Christ through relationships, discipling students in their faith, equipping them for ministry, and sending them into the world to spread this good news to places we may never see.”

Having been around for over seventeen years now, we have served countless quality cups of coffee, brownies, and smoothies. But more importantly, it is our hope that each person who walks through our door would know that this is a place of home and wholeness, the type of place where time doesn’t rule and people still look each other in the eyes. As a ministry we seek to further develop disciples of Christ by offering small groups on topics ranging from sexuality to prayer. Finally, we are an official campus ministry at Missouri State University (though our passion is all college students).

We sincerely need your help! And because being a volunteer is so incredibly critical, we have a few expectations of anyone who is considering becoming a part of our team as a volunteer.


While we do not ask you to sign a faith statement or to profess Christianity as your religion; we do ask that you are able to be in support of and present yourself in congruence with our mission statement while you are volunteering, and that you can be complementary and knowledgeable of our small group ministries. It is also important that all volunteers are welcoming and conversational with each student who walks through the doors.


Similarly, while it is not a requirement, we encourage those who are involved as volunteers to consider joining one of our small groups if you desire to deepen your Christian faith. Since you will be giving your time and energy in serving others, it is our intent to offer opportunities for life to be poured back into you.


When at Potter’s House as a volunteer we ask that the time you commit to would be given to helping with daily operations, which include but are not limited to: interacting with customers, running the cash register, making drinks, wiping down tables, emptying trash cans, sweeping, washing dishes, etc.


Finally, in order for us to properly coordinate schedules such that we always have sufficient coverage, we ask that on the 25th of each month you would email your availability for the upcoming month to We understand that life can be chaotic, so we want to provide you with a schedule ahead of time, as well as give you the opportunity to adjust when necessary.

In return, it is our hope that volunteering at Potter’s House will offer you a space to enjoy hanging out with other college students, to be uplifted by our staff, and to have this become a place where you know you are unconditionally welcomed. We also offer one delicious free drink of your choice each time you volunteer! Look forward to hearing from you soon!